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What do you think of mystical stuff like astrology and palm reading? What do you think makes us who we are?

-- Molly Zero (, July 18, 2000



Yes, I believe in Karma, I believe that what you do in life comes back to you in a big way. I never used to believe this, but I've seen it happen too many times now to try to escape it. A good friend of mine believes not so much the fact that you come back as another sign, but she thinks that it is more along the lines of the lessons you didn't learn in the first life, and people that you have to resolve issues with will come back to you in this life to make sure you try again. Have you ever met someone that you feel as if you've known forever? Or maybe someone that you can spend lots of time with, but never really connect? It happens all the time.

As far as the stuff about childhood- I read somewhere recently that you should only blame your rotten life on your childhood until you're 30 and then come on- you're on your own.

-- Nancey (, July 18, 2000.

Mystical stuff

I think the world is full of mysteries. Anything though that tends to try to tell me that I am predestined or fated to go a certain way, I doubt - - - maybe I am wrong. Maybe your response to my, "What makes us ?" is right on - - - I don't know. Many mysteries I accept as being beyond me at this stage of being - - - feeling that I will know the answer when it is fitting to my stage of later development whether in this world or the next. I will not disagree with you wholeheartedly, tending only to believe that man has free will - - - the influences of the stars and the palm reading I believe may indicate the possibilities or tendencies to go certain directions. Peace my friend

-- Denver doug (, July 18, 2000.

I have looked into almost every kind of mystical, otherworldly, supernatural practice of belief around and it seems to me that while each one seems to contribute some kind of insight into our existence, none seems to complete the picture. So, although I have no basis for this belief, I think that each practice is represents one kind of knowledge. It is like Hinduism, where there are many Gods that represent different paths to the same supernatural being, and a beleiver chooses the path that is best for him. Maybe all of these beliefs and practices lead to the same place. Or maybe not.

-- orbt (, July 22, 2000.

I have never really decided whether I believe in karma or not. I'd like to believe it, but I just don't know. And, Molly, I'm in Boston too, so any time you want to read my palm, I'm up for it!

-- Mary Ellen (, August 02, 2000.

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