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Has anybody had any experience with the latest and largest of Schneider's WA offerings? Jeff at Badger tells me he's sold a handful, so somebody must be using these enormous lenses.

My main question, beyond the obvious "What do you think of the lens?" is "What options if any are there for polarizing filters on this monster?" I believe the front diameter is 135. You can mount filters for B + W on the rear (82 mm), but polarizers have to go up front. Any thoughts?

The advantage, as you probably know if you're reading this thread, is the big image circle (500 mm says Schneider; can cover 12 X 20, I've been told)and fairly fast speed f5.6. The weight is ca 5 lb, I think. Not much I can find about it on the web yet.

I know there have been related posts on big filters in the past, but thought there might be something new out there specifically for this new lens.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.


-- Nathan Congdon (, July 17, 2000



B&H offers two Kaesemann polarizers in the 135mm size, one for $609 (plain polarizer) and one for $655 (circular)(these prices seems steep, but remember that center filters for this filter size run in the $1200 range!). I can't imagine there's any cheaper solution; polarizing sheets (for lighting) aren't optically clear enough for lens use.

-- Simon (, July 18, 2000.

Hi Nathan,

You'd do well to check with Robert White ( for vastly better prices on high-end filters. I recently bought a 95mm Schneider center filter from him; US price is $499...from Robert, $160! It pays to check overseas... :)


-- Danny Burk (, July 18, 2000.

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