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I am interested in altering an Omega D-5 from 4x5 to 5x7 or 8x10. Has anyone some experience or opinions about the best way to go? I assume I can attach an Aristo cold light tube somehow, and maybe one of the VC heads, but I don't have any particulars on which approach would be better. Ditto for the attachment process itself. Does any firm sell remodeling/connection kits? In advance, thanks. Bob

-- Bob Moulton (, July 17, 2000


I cant see how you could make an 8x10 out of one. 5x7 maybe. I just dont think a D5 will hold a 8x10 head of any kind with any measure of stability/rigidity. I'd love to be proved wrong though! I've never heard of a conversion kit for 4x5 Omegas, only Beseler. I just bought a D6, but I'm holding on to my Beseler for that very reason.

-- Wayne (, July 17, 2000.

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