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Well, for me it's the pantyhose--especially when you have to peel it off your legs by the end of the day. What's yours?

The Grammarqueen.

-- The Grammarqueen (, July 16, 2000


Ooooo... I'll bite. TRDs (tit-restraint devices). Nothing akin to *that* cruelty without which no non-"crunchy" buxom female past puberty can *ever* venture out of the house.

They suck. They give ya back aches. Some research says they *cause* breast cancer. And surgery to have 'em lobbed off is upwards of 5K. :P

-- Tynan (, July 17, 2000.

I agree with the Her Majesty ;) - pantyhose! I will never wear it again, unless someone is holding a gun to the head of one of my animals..... which means I'm pretty darn safe.... (Strangely, I never minded tights, in the winter.)

-- Tamsyn (, September 07, 2000.

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