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In the discussion of third party lenses, no one mentioned Rokinon. However, I have seen a variety of Rokinon lenses offered on eBay. Does anyone have any experience with the Rokinon lenses that they would like to share?


Steve S.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000


I have a 24/2.8 Rokinon Lens for Konica AR mount, pretty good, when I am stopping down to F/4-5.6, hardly I can find any shadow in the edages, good at its price, I buy it on ebay for less than 40 bucks.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2000

Rokinon Zoom Lens


Thanks for your reply. Based partly on your comments, I decided to go ahead and purchase a 80-200 Rokinon Zoom Lens. I just got the results back from the developer and, I must say, I was very impressed. The Rokinon performed better than my Soligor zoom and was on par with my fixed focal length Hexanon Lens.

My Soligor 28 f2.8 lens is still my favorite wide angle lens. However, the Rokinon has proved to be a very good zoom. It's a one lense experience. However, I would be comfortable recommending this lens to others.


Steve S.

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2000

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