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-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000


The good news with me is that the new antibiotics are starting to work as of today. It's azithromycin, if you want to mention its success for me to anyone you know with the bronchial infection going around that brings lots of fatigue and bad coughing, because it has devastated a lot of people. Other good news is that we've adopted an orphan catbird fledgling, which needs feeding every half hour.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

Saying "indianmascot" wouldn't necessarily be saying we are in favor of it, simply that that was the focus. Want to be able for it to show up in search engines, for one thing.

Was the bit about the Indian mascot supporter wanting to "take it out to the parking lot" reported to the Justice Department and the police?

If someone brings up that hoary old mention of Notre Dame and the "Fighting Irish," not only should you remind them that not only is it a/ a private Catholic institution b/ a name that not all Irish- Americans are proud of and c/ I haven't seen it mentioned before, but the very name of Notre Dame itself might very possibly not be permissible if it were a public institution. She's not everybody's Dame...

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

It has been reported to us that 4 board members (not Millman)were at the last CARE meeting, and they invited Doan, Perry and Vanacore to be up front, with Walters hanging in the back, pretending that didn't make a quorum

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2000

Subject: CA wins again. Distribute widely Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 16:59:09 -0400 From: "Robert Eurich" To:

The following excerpt just came in from Eugene Herrod, one of the prime movers with the Southern California Indian Center and Advocates for American Indian Children in Los Angeles.

Eugene urges that we capitalize on this significant victory concerning use of the "r-word" on license plates and asks that organizations in other states file similar actions.

An easy "how-to" outline based on the process used by the California advocates can be found here. http://earnestman.tripod.com/dmvguidelines.htm


American Indian Sports Team Mascots http://earnestman.tripod.com/

"Little drops of rain wear away the greatest of stones."

Just a quick message.... The final administrative judicial decision has been rendered in the state of California and was issued June 14, 2000. Since there has been no appeal, this decision is binding in California. Basically, the legal ruling stated no license plates could be issued henceforth with the R#### logo. The ruling also further affected the previous recall of the license plates with this term displayed. In effect, we kicked ass on this one, and subsequently established a concrete legal precedent.

If you could spread the word on the network, we would be so appreciative. Other states and jurisdictions are encouraged to follow this suit. We have a clear road to follow with this decision. I wished I could make everyone understand the gravity of this decision. The ultimate possibility: To get about 10-12 Indian organizations to follow up and file complaints in their jurisdictions simultaneously.

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2000

Been wondering if we should send a packet of info to the editor of the Ulster County Townsman...anyone know him personally? Any sense in "informing" him? He probably has never seen the pictures, or the Munson article, etc. etc. Tobe

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2000

In light of budget cuts many people are firmly behind NOT cutting sports. One person even suggested to me that they can't cut sports because it keeps so many kids away from drugs, gives them something to do. Now I wonder if anyone has the numbers as to how many students actually participate in afterschool sport activities. I may be wrong but it can't be a majority of students, can it? ( I've been wrong on predicting numbers in the past as you well know) So....if varsity sports aren't cut but all other art and cultural activities are cut, doesn't that seem discriminatory? I can't wait to see where they make these cuts of student activities and, really, who gets hurt as a result. How much do we spend on sports for how many children involved? And what about the others with interests outside of sports (and drugs). This will be a very intersting dilemma. What ever happened to the Native American who was supposed to speak and mediate with students at the schools earlier in the year?

Hope all are well and enjoying this beautiful summer.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2000

I also think it would be valuable to know how many kids do sports, and what percentage of the school this is, and at what cost per pupil (including special bussing, equipment, etc.) How does this correlate with other activities...including the now targeted mentoring program.

And, we must get figures that do not duble count students what are on more than one team..seems, Frand Gorleski or Joe DiGiovanni SHOULD have these figures! There's still time beofre the Aug 1st BOE meeting to find out...JIm, want to call? I think I better stay a bit low...after all I am a "sinner." Tobe PS If you haven't visited here, do so: http://www.aics.org/NCRSM/index.htm Check out the board of directors...any thoughts on getting one of them to come and speak to our community?

PPS Sorry to have missed what i hear was a wonderful storteller presented by COLOR... Can wer (STAND) begin to plan our Fall events??? I;ve been researching exhibits on stereotypes...anyone else making plans?

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2000

One more quickie: Did you notice that "Seventeen" magazine was doing a photo shoot involving Red Hook's marching band, and that at least one studet went and put on his "Raiders" sweatshirt..wonder what Raiders look like in Red Hook...anyone know? Tobe

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2000

I did a search on the Red Hook Raiders, the pictures I found only had numbers on them, though that doesn't rule out something with a picture on it. One entry had some short area history, which actually said that at one time the area was beset with raiders, known as "Cowboys" and "Skinners." Guess playing Cowboys and Skinners wasn't traditional enough?

Was looking into last year's change by Crayola of "Indian Red" to "chestnut," as teachers felt that the students thought the color referred to the color of Native American skin, though it actually comes from a pigment found in India. World didn't go spinning off its axis at that change...

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2000

Next time CARE offers feelers of compromise, why don't we offer to have the mascot image on the gym wall be changed to Charles Yow bursting through the wall wearing a suit, and carrying a laptop and a briefcase? It would exemplify that proud, noble, fighting spirit they keep asking for...

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2000

Carol, I'm laughing out loud. You sound like you're definitely feeling better. I love the Charles Yow idea. Did you all read the article in Woodstock Times today? I love this man!

Tobe et al, I did my little bit of research and started an email dialogue with someone at Southern Poverty Law Center. She's supposed to be sending me some ideas about programs, contacts, etc. Should have it soon. I agree with Jim. We should probably have some kind of big-tent gathering/fund-raiser to bring in people of all stripes who oppose this Board and the CARE approach. Ah, but who has the time to organize all that??? Let's plan another STAND meeting at least, that's manageable... Tobe, why don't you name a day and time again. Your house OK? We don't mind cavorting with sinners. (After all, Glenda has proclaimed that she has "proof" that I'm anti-God and anti-family.)

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2000

Hey Donna; Sound familiar? Message: 1 Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:53:06 -0400 From: ishgooda@voyager.net Subject: Mascot Issue - Aggressive Handshake - MENOMONIE HIGH SCHOOL

From: "Woodard, Bea" ..thanks!


>From the Star Tribune

Published Thursday, July 20, 2000

Jury to decide if ' ' aggressive' ' ' ' handshake constitutes assault and battery

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (AP) -- A jury will have to decide if a handshake actually constituted assault and battery, as one woman is charging.

Opening statements were filed Wednesday in the lawsuit which accuses Amy La Pean of attacking Karin Worthley more than two years ago. The handshake in question occurred during a July 1998 discussion about whether the Menomonie High School Indian logo and nickname should be banned.

La Pean' s lawyer, Michael Wagner, said his client took Worthley' s hand to try to mend fences after an argument in which La Pean took the side of keeping the logo while Worthley advocated eliminating it.

But Worthley' s attorney Phil Steans said the gesture was no gentle grip. He said La Pean grabbed Worthley' s hand and squeezed or crushed it, causing soft tissue damage and pain.

Worthley testified earlier that La Pean grabbed her hand from where it was resting and crushed it, pretending to shake it. She said La Pean had clenched teeth and an angry tone.

" (Worthley) felt at that moment a line had been crossed, " Steans said. "The aggressive behavior of Amy La Pean needed to be stopped."

Wagner said La Pean has never hurt another person and would not do so over something as silly as the Indian mascot issue. He also said La Pean has only 7 percent of the grip strength she should have because of pain in her joints.

" Our defense is this suit has been politically motivated, " he said.

Menomonie school district residents voted in an April 1998 referendum to maintain the school' s Indian nickname and logo. In a 1998 recall election, three school board members who supported changing the logo, including Steans, were defeated by those in favor of keeping the logo. One of the supporters elected was Greg La Pean, Amy La Pean' s husband.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000

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