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In my latest entry I just confessed that I have a weakness for anything that's a bargain or on sale. Yeah, I'm weak. So now that I've confessed, let me know what your shopping weaknesses are. Clothes? Shoes? Plastic storage containers? Come on, tell us all about it.

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2000


Shoes and books. I have too many of both. How many pairs of black shoes does a person need? 20? 30? 2?! I can say "Oh, I really need new sandals for the summer." Which may be true. But come home with three pairs of sandals and a pair of sharp black suede mules. Or maybe I really do need new hiking books (for all the hiking I do?) and come home with boots, black flats and little canvas shoes. It's really easy to justify buying 5 or more books in one trip to the bookstore though. After all, it's an intellectual pursuit, sure to enrich my mind in some way, make me smarter, more glamorous, more beautiful. How many books do I have? I don't know, but they're a bitch to move and they take up a large portion of space in my large house.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

I have a terrible weakness for all things culinary. I'll spend hours drooling over kitchen fixtures just to find the right one to go into the complete lack of space that is my kitchen. Knives, books, tongs, tools...oh my. I just can't buy enough kitchen tools. I need more. I need a knife for the bread, one for the vegetables, one for meat, one for poultry, oh and one for fish. I need deboners and slicers. I need pots and pans. I just need everything there is for my kitchen and then I'll probably need more after that.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

Shopping slut. Yes, I am.
I just can't deal with the Dollar Store. Their stuff is only a buck. Of course, when you get 30 or 40 stuffs, it kind of adds up.
Wal-Mart? You know, the great big super Wal-Mart's with a grocery store and tires and toilet seats in them? I go directly to what I need and then loose all control on the trip to the register.
Grocery store in a big city... I turn into Miss Gourmet Thing and decide that I really need to have two different kinds of smoked salmon and gosh, isn't it great that they carry 500 different kinds of crackers? Don't you want to try a few?
I am a loser. I am broke beyond belief. And I just bought a house so I find excuses to buy all sorts of nifty do-dads. You wanna see the cool thing-a-ma-bob I got for the kitchen sink faucet?
Never pass by an opportunity to pimp my pathetic self

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

That entry was fantastic. Reminded me more about myself than... the actual me.

I do exact the same thing. When I get to a store, especially one with cheaper prices, I almost have to walk with my hands before my eyes to avoid myself from picking things up - just because... they might come in handy :)

What do I shop then? Shoes and handbags are favourites. I also tend to get notebooks, pens, cheap jewellry and makeup.

I have nine pairs of sandals, by the way..

Anna of Violent Smile.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

girl, you've got *nothing* on me. i went to walmart the other day, intending to come home with ONLY mascara and toothpaste, and i ended up with a KITTEN. does it get any more pathetic than that?

purses. shoes. ponytail holders. purses. CD-R's. and purses. a woman can never have enough purses.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

I have, actually, come home with kittens on more than one occassion. One time during a simple trip to the grocery store and another time as I was driving home and found one in a restaurant parking lot. I see nothing wrong with bringing home a kitten after a shopping trip. I think everyone should do it. I mean, how can you not???

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

I am awful for buying makeup (that will never be used) or face cleaning supplies. I like to try all of the new and improved facial products! I'm a sucker...

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

I have some major shopping weaknesses. My main one is writing supplies. I will buy pens, notebooks, journals: I must have about 6 empty journals right now around this place. My other weakness is candles. Oh.. I can't get enough of those. Especially this one particular scent that they sell at Target - Cucumber Mint. It's heavenly. I also stock up on books that I never read, which is a bad thing.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

I don't have weaknesses, it's rather the opposite for me. I go to the store specificcally to buy something I need or have been wanting, but when I get there, I don't want to spend my money and I tell myself I will buy it later. My shopping weaknesses come in the fast food department--just yesterday I went to Burger King to get an Italian Chicken Crisp since it's only 99 cents, but I got a Whopper instead because I love love LOVE those things!!

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2000

Okay this subject is near and dear to my heart. I try to tell everyone, including myself, how very much I hate shopping. I think the more appropriate response is "I hate my lack of self control when I go shopping." My God. Why the hell does one person need 27 bottles of hot sauce and 4 different kinds of cheeses, especially when I am NEVER HOME!! And beauty products...Good God, I will buy any and all "miracle" in a bottle. Shampoo, Conditioner, Scented Lotions, Leave in conditioner, body sprays, body washes, toothpastes, fingernail polishes, glitter powder to mix in with my new scented lotion...And the funny thing is I think I am very low maintenance, Yeh, Probably not...

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2000

Travis, all you should need is one of those great big woka choka meat cleaver thyingies that japanese chefs use. dont cook naked tho. you might lose something you need.

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2000

Oh my gosh - I am a mondo-consumer freak possessed when I get around e- bay. It is a disease. My weaknesses are gothic clothing and boots! There's also a funky little second hand store called Buffalo Exchange that are the new proud owners of my soul.....

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2000

Office supplies. Ever since I was a kid, I could spend hours shopping for office supplies. Pens, folders, paper, staples...you name it. I was even caught theiving from the supply room in my dad's office when I was 10. Dollar stores are my other weakness. On a bad (good?) day, I can spend $50 at the dollar store, all on office supplies, of course.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2000

I have a weakness for bargains. I'm basically obsessed with vintage clothes and resale shops. If I find something really cool (and I always do, lol) I absolutely must have it. Being summer and garage sale season you can imagine how much crap I've bought lately. Well, at least it's cool crap.

-- Anonymous, July 27, 2000

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