OK heres a controversial thought. It's often said on all these pages how good a song loosing my reilgion is. But why? i mean the song is good but nothing exceptional. Everytime i listen to out of time, the only song i even think of skippin is lmr. Why well, it just isn't that good compared to the rest on out of time, or on any other record. Unlike everybody hurts which is ok on auto and brilliant live, lmr doesn't even sound that great live. I could even say that lmr is one of my least fav r.e.m songs. SO are there any others who feel the same?

Before all you guys bite my head off (M especially) just like to say tht i do have all the r.e.m albums and so am aloud to make such a judgement.

-- Amit (, July 15, 2000


"Before all you guys bite my head off (M especially)" -Quoted by Amit.

OMG...why would ya saw that to me? Golley!!!~:( Hum...shocking as it might be...BUT....I DON'T fancy LMR either. So there! Golley, sorry to burst ya bubble but chickie-monkie's aren't violent! Huh...???? ~:( Chow! Way "misunderstood" M! :(

-- htideREM (, July 15, 2000.

Hey Amit! I gotta say that LMR is one of the best songs to me, but I respect your opinion and I won't bite your head off. Simple and clear! Take care!

-- Vedran (, July 15, 2000.

It's a good song, with a good video, just like Everybody hurts. But again, just like everybody hurts, it is not their best, even though casual fans seem to think so.

On to another topic briefly mentioned. Which tracks are people most likely to skip on albums.

Murmur and Reckoning - none, 'cos they're all so damn good Fables - Old man Kensey Pageant - none Document - Everything from One I love on (Half the album is class, the other half is like something Oasis would come up with) Green - Get up. Time - none Automatic - Drive monster - none Hifi - none 'cos the album is so good up - Airportman.

There we go. the debate is open

-- Jon Kinsey (, July 16, 2000.

Losing My Religon is a really good song, but it isnt their best. It is however the song that got me liking rem and i owe it.

-- Suzanne (, July 16, 2000.

LMR is an excellent song but still not their best I think to someone who just likes REM it's a great song but to someone who loves REM it's only the tip of the iceberg for when I started to like REM i did think this was a great song but it was only when I started to listen to their older and more accoustic records that that I realised that they were a true masterpiece and like wine they had matured and up until MONSTER they had stuck to nice and easy rock but had changed with the times in releasing MONSTER.

-- Darragh John Nugent (, July 16, 2000.

Nirvana used the best term for a song like lmr: a "radio-friendly unit shifter" it's still a fucking great song thoug

-- paul (, July 20, 2000.

Hmmmmmmmm....well thats your opinion but i think the reason its such a great song is the fact that it was my first ever rem song that i heard and it is for many people. that is why it is so special....ask a non rem fan to name an rem song and that probably comes totheir mind because it appeals to a much broader range of audience due to the nature of it. Still....its my favourite song if you aint guessed already!

-- anon (, July 20, 2000.

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