Where can I get the Panasonice MPEG encoder ?

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I have been reasing that the Panasonic MPEG encoder is the best to make whitebook compliant VCD. How does one obtain this program ?

Thanks for your help,


-- wayne wisner (waynewiz@juno.com), July 15, 2000


Try this URL. (Click on the "english" button if you need to) You can purchase it there or download a trial version. (by the way, they have a "new" version just released.

-- Rich (richa@home.com), July 15, 2000.

Try:- http://www.q-berts.net/

The site is German..Click on DVD to reveal a menu on left side, then click on Download 1 to reveal another menu. Select Encoders & Co. You will see many encoders including the one you want.

-- Bill Monk (w.monk@dtn.ntl.com), July 17, 2000.

Send me an email

-- Des (desyjean@cyberway.com.sg), September 03, 2000.

You could download a file-sharing program like kazaa at www.kazaa.com and search for panasonic mpeg encoder, and download it from anyone who has it

-- Tony Ruiz (xxtino925xx@aol.com), July 23, 2001.

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