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Can anyone tell me what the picture from the cover of "Document" represents? 'Cause all I can see is some smiling guy putting something on something and when i rotate it 900 left, i see a limo, some house and some trees. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!! IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! HELP ME!!! And another thing: what do you think about "Airportman" from "Up"? That would be all, thank you! :)

-- Vedran (, July 14, 2000


Kent's theories: On Document- "It's like when those crazy catholics in Mexico see Jesus in a tortilla. You look at it and you're all like 'no way'. (By the way sorry to have offended you if you are Mexican, catholic, or both) Anyway I don't know." On 'Airportman'- "It's a good song only when you're in the right mood to here it. And that's kind of that dreamy, tired feeling. Not sleepy tired, more of lazy tired.


-- Kent Stevens (, July 15, 2000.

Hey Vedran... the deal with the Document cover is that it is a picture with multiple exposures. What this means is that whoever took the picture purposefully took several different pictures over the same piece of film. The smiling guy is one picture, then the car is another picture, and there seems to be at least one other picture--of the trees that seem to appear floating in the background. It's a pretty cool effect! As for Airportman, I have given it many, many chances, since I love REM so much & it's very rare I don't like a song, but that happens to be one that I just can't listen to. It's way too boring & simple for my tastes, & i'd rather listen to the rest of that excellent album rather than waste my time with it. :) -eddie

-- Eddie Yo (, July 15, 2000.

Woo-wee! Good question concerning the Document cover. Here's my R.E.M. Knowledge for today....drum roll please...1. The house that ya see is.........Michael's first house. Hee-haw! Groovie pad if I do say so myself. 2. That car, the taxi cab...was...Michael's first car. Isn't that o'so cool? Like, who would of ever thought of having a taxi cab as ya first stud-mobilie? Truly, it's the bomb! (giggle,giggle) AND...3. That mysterious person that ya see...all blured and whatnot is......hold ya Michael himself. He was taking a photo, using an old camera and this is what ya see. So, there's my R.E.M. 411 for today. Golley, Document is truly on of my favorite album covers to date. Chow. M.

-- htideREM... (, July 15, 2000.

i think airportman is very unusual for rem, but its an ok song i guess. not one of my favourites.

-- Suzanne (, July 15, 2000.

i think that airportman is an amazing song, i wish i could see them do it live just once.

-- jason (, July 15, 2000.

i don't much like airportman, but i'm willing to let them off, because they don't write too much bad stuff, i thought the cover of document was of someone taking a photo on an old fashioned camera on a stand. i may be wrong...

-- mark (, July 15, 2000.

I could be mistaken but the guy on the cover looks to me like the god himself "Michael" but thats what I always thought

Airport man is a great song but if you want to shout abuse just go and shout at "I'm tired of singing trouble" but that's just a bit weird and I would never consider it bad cause that would be a mortal sin against the religion of REM!!!

-- Darragh John Nugent (, July 16, 2000.

airportman is by no way a brilliant song on its own but I think it perfectly capture the essence of "up".. It provides the album with a emotional beginning paving the way for the rest of the songs and complimenting them very well. I dont think it is fair to judge it without first considering how it sounds with the rest of the songs. Try listening to the album start to finish. i'm sure you will be impressed.

-- andy (, July 18, 2000.

I always thought that was Mike Mills on the front of Document i maybe wrong, as for Airportman its not that good most the time i skip it and listen to the great 'Lotus'

-- lee thomas mainwaring (, July 28, 2000.

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