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I need a drug habit. I hate my job. What do you, the readers, think?

-- Will (, July 14, 2000


Alright. I will send them Monday after I get off work (ARC). I promise. I've been so out of luck lately.

Sorry for the unprompt reply.

-- Will (, July 16, 2000.

wiil on your money problem:

Donate to the AJCF(AJ Colege Fund). Also i don't mean to push, but since your friend now owns the oakenfold cd i sent you, could u send it back. I wouldn't recommend sending it now though. i am geting ready to leave for baltimore, but i will email u my new address so u can send it there in the next few days. Sorry about the lame post, but i am a lazy bastard and didn't feel like going to my hotmail account.

-- AJ (, July 16, 2000.

"Dreams are the path into ones mind when the eyes are not open." I'll leave to figure out what it means to you.

-- AJ (, July 17, 2000.

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