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I keep going back to the board to see if anyone has added a message -- afraid that my "Please notify me of updates" link has broken already, like the one that is supposed to remember my name and email did on the first day I set it. But mish, it looks like you won't have to use that "private page for deleting old threads, etc.." for yet awhile!

The next best remedy for no new messages is to post one, so here goes! Since most of you I guess know each other, and I only know one of you, would you like to introduce yourselves? Me? I'm a writer and editor living in the UK near to Brighton, with not enough spare time on my hands to do things like this, but not enough motivation to do much else. In fact, right now I'm hungry! Did someone somewhere mention rice-krispie cakes? With chocolate?

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2000

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