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Do I require any special software to play VCDs on my laptop? I have a TORiSAN CD-ROM CDR_U200 and 64 MB RAM, 233Mhz Pentium processor.It is a laptop which I use at work. I have Windows Media Player and Active Movie installed on my system.

Please help me with info. Thanks in advance.


-- Viji Srinivasan (, July 14, 2000


you don't need anything fancy to play your VCD on the laptop...You already have all the necessary gear to play it at this moment. However, CPU & memories may be a problem for you...since it's under power by a few generations. Your VCD may jerks during play. Here is how you play the VCD using Window Media Player(6.4.0.xxxx or above only): Open up window media player, FILE-OPEN-BROWSE the CD drive:\MPEGAV\*.dat (the *.dat is your mpeg1 clip). Usually there is only one *.dat inside this MPEGAV folder if it's a commercial VCD, and it's about 650Mb in size.

-- lnguyen (, July 14, 2000.

Hay! but wait a second! that DOESN'T work for me and i'm running Windows Media Player version!! cos it can't undrstand the .dat format!

-- DeskNorm (, November 11, 2000.

ill lead u to water, but u must drink yourself.... follow this link 20CD&category=Playing%20VCDs

youll find what u need.

-- ndumu (, November 11, 2000.

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