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I've measured my old 283's hot shoe voltage, and determined that it will weld aluminum and fry my FT-1 again, but how do I measure the voltage at the PC cord? Is it safe to use with the PC cord on an FT-1? Thanks, Steve

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2000



To measure the PC cord voltage you will have to put one voltmeter probe on the outside portion of the PC connector, and with the other probe touch the pin in the center of the connector. Due to the size of the connector, this is like performing microsurgery. Two things are likely to happen when you attempt this 1) you will accidently short across the connector with one of the probes, giving yourself a tremendous electrical shock, and 2) you will be temporarily blinded by the flash as it discharges! If your flash is one of the older high voltage models the voltage may actually jump across the air gap between the probe and the center pin before you can get your probe in place to measure the voltage.

I think you will find the voltage at the PC connector to be the same as that at the hot shoe - and therefore it is not safe to use this flash with an electronic camera (including the FT-1).

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2000

283 Voltage

I have used a 283 with my Ft-1 for two years, and I never have had a problem. There has been alot of discussion around the 283 voltage power, with many saying that the 283 would certainly fry the Hexar AF. My guess is that the older Vivitar flashes had higher trigger voltages while perhaps the newer ones are lower.

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2000

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