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Michael Stipe is sound don't get me wrong he is the best singer in the world but everyone keeps saying how great he is. But what about the other band members, i personally like Peter Buck because he is a smart guy. Mike Mills is sound and so is Bill Berry, i like them all the same they are all great muscians and if it wasn't for these four people we wouldn't have that great band that we call REM , what i'm trying to imply is that is Michael your favourite or do you like them all the same, if you do try and leave a comment for each band member if you are talking about one of them, its just not fair on Peter Mike and Bill.

-- lee thomas mainwaring (leerem1@yahoo.com), July 13, 2000


Bill Berry is Cute too. What about Ricky Marten? Does anyone think Ricky Martin is Cute?"

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), July 13, 2000.

Bill Berry is Cute too. What about Ricky Marten? Does anyone think Ricky Martin is Cute? I love Ricky Martin's Music, it makes me smile and dance. "

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), July 13, 2000.

no offence but rickey martin...BLAHHHH he's too pretty boy...like a ken doll and his music...well, it's good for what is is...i guess lata stephanie.

-- Fee Feena (ifUbelieve@yahoo.com), July 13, 2000.

Personally I like Mike Mills. He is very talented with many musical instruments, is a pretty good singer, and well preserved for being in his late 30's/early 40's. Also he is the best dressed musician ever. Those suits he wore on the Monster tour rocked!

-- Kent Stevens (smashingpete@yahoo.com), July 13, 2000.

Peter Buck is a hunk a smitty witty whahoola M'coola ringy fingy cutie patootie oHHH yEAHH!!!

-- Fee Feena (ifUbelieve@yahoo.com), July 13, 2000.

I personally think that each and one of the bandmembers have their roles in the band.I have my own little understandig of their characters. My personality cast goes like this:

Peter:The cool one.The calm and limp.The top dog.

Mike :The friendly one.The shy and kind.The chum.

Michael:The charismatic one.The profound and sensitive.The mystic.

well...I don`t know how many who will agree at this,but I think so anyway! So I like the band members in all different ways. And I just happen to think that Michael has the most smashing ass... But that is another issue :)

-- Driver. (driver@i-mail.com.au), July 14, 2000.

i like them pretty all much the same. I just happen to think Michael is one hot guy. Bill was also very nice.

-- Suzanne (clanlennie@zoom.co.uk), July 14, 2000.

Okay your saying there would be no REM without Mike,Bill or peter and that michael isn't the only one but think like this they could survive without bill but think could they have survived without michael instead of Bill?

-- Darragh John Nugent (djnugent@oceanfree.net), July 16, 2000.

No, I can't survive with out Michael Stipey Baby, Because Michael Stipe looks so Fantastick on the whole world's television in the Universe and besides, if Michael Stipe didn't carry on with his Career, I would be so Sad to see Michael Stipey baby leave me. I swear Michael Stipe is the only Man who can make my dreams come true and make me smile.

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), July 16, 2000.

This one goes out to Darragh John Nugent... No, they can not, could not and would not survive without Michael Stipe

-- lee thomas mainwaring (leerem1@yahoo.com), July 18, 2000.

Lee Thomas Mainwaring "No Please send this one out to Michael Stipey Baby for me please."

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), July 21, 2000.

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