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I watched the show for the first time last night, and it was awesome...I'm hooked. I looked all over the web today though, and am getting a little confused about the sequence of the episodes..

The ones that TLC is airing now (July 2000) are from the second season, right? When were these ones taped, August 1999? Which season did the NERDS tape for, the second or the third? When did the taping for the NERDS take place (I think the webpage said June 2000, but I'm still confused), and when will it air? When Andy Bell says (a few messages below) they will start filming during August-September, does he mean for the third season or the fourth season? When will the third and/or fourth seasons be airing in Canada (or North America in general).

I know this is kind of confusing, but thanks for any info....

- Matt Budd

-- Matt Budd (, July 13, 2000


The TLC episodes that are being shown are from the second series of the British version (which is originally broadcast in the UK as Scrapheap challenge, and then shown in the USA as Junkyard Wars). The NERDS took part in the third series of the British version, which we are currently filming. When I said that the filming is in August/September this is for the first series of Junkyard Wars that is totally American (American teams and presenters).

Hope this clears things up

-- Andy Bell (, July 13, 2000.

Andy is simplyfying a little. What was shown in the US was one show from the first year (out of 6 produced) and 5 of the 7 made for the second year.

Year three is currently filming, the final films next week, and the "grand final" (last years winner defending their title) films the following week. Its a total of 10 shows, with 8 new teams, two returning teams, and the special with last years winning team. The crew apparently gets a weeks rest, then they do 7 shows of Americans, call it season 3A. I suspect that is the "in 2001" stuff they were promoting.

I haven't been told if the nerds episode (or possibly episodes, but I can't say) will show (or any other episodes from the UK seri for that matter). I certanly hope they will show series 3, and not just 3A, I want to see the ones we wern't part of. This question is best directed to TLC itself.

There is a bit of work to do when showing the british shows, the name change is one bit, but the real work is re-cutting it to fit the US broadcast format. (UK tv gets two long breaks/hour, americans go for more frequent, shorter ones).

-- Jeff (, July 14, 2000.

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