Will Robert Llewellyn be back?

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Robert is one of the best parts of the junkyard wars series, and for those of us Red Dwarf fans out there, it is great to see his comedic genius put to good use again! Will he be the host for the American version? I truly hope so, his witty and often biting humor is just great! Any chance of having him make a guest appearance as Kryten for one of the shows? (Unless of course he would rather have everyone forget he was Kryten on Red Dwarf :)

-- Camille Vidan (zeta@mindspring.com), July 13, 2000


We would like to second Camille's request for Robert to host the shows as well, but we are guessing that the fact he is busy with Red Dwarf and lives in England (?) causes a problem. The American version has quite a pool to choose from as well, we were just chatting about that the other day and some of the folks we mentioned were:

Randy Quaid John Goodman "Booger" from Revenge of the Nerds Tom Waites

Can anyone think of some...

-- The Junkyard Dawgs (wwarren@perigeecomm.net), July 26, 2000.

Come on, it won't be the same without Robert. that's like Drew Carey taking Clive Anderson's hosting gig on Whose Line is it Anyway. Drew is just a nasty bloated goat and Clive was ever so much more funny. Speaking of bloated goats, what are you think ing when you say John Goodman? He won't even FIT in the junkyard.

-- polexia (polexia@london.com), November 26, 2000.

I'm in complete agreement - Robert Llewellyn makes the show, and replacing him with another host for the American audience would only serve to change the feel of the show (and not for the better!). It was hard enough when the local PBS television station cancelled Red Dwarf (half way through VII) due to a lack of viewership! If Robert has to be replaced, might I suggest another rubber-faced television actor, Brent "Data" Spinner of Star Trek - The Next Generation fame. For those of you who remember, Brent had a long time reoccuring, comedic role as one half of the homeless husband and wife team on Night Court. A second recommendation would be Macguyver's Richard Dean Anderson. I can't say how funny he might be, but the association with his character's alter ego and building something from nothing would definitly fit the bill.

-- Dan Kornfeld (dkornfeld@apbspeakers.com), November 26, 2000.

Yes, I am for MacGuyver also!

-- Paul Stafford (paulstaf@home.com), November 28, 2000.

What about Mr Tool time himself? Tim Allen along with Al?

-- Redd (mredd@fullerton.edu), December 14, 2000.

I Agree Completely!!!!!! Bring back Llewellyn. His facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission!

-- Joe Pieters (Joepieters@aol.com), December 21, 2000.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Why does anyone feel that an American version has to have an American host. It was originally a British show and that has alot to do with the appeal. Why Americanize it at all. Part of the fun of watching the show is to see a little bit of foreign culture. Would you want to see one of those weird Japanese game shows with an American host? If it ain't broke, don't screw it up with American greed and ego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- ed (ed22778@yahoo.com), December 27, 2000.

as for the yankee host.....did ya ever wonder why there isnt an american version of monty pythons flying circus!??.....it just wont work!....kinda like substituting a pale ale for stout!

-- tim (milehiharley@hotmail.com), December 30, 2000.

Robert needs to stay, the show would be lacking without him. The idea of replacing him pains me. I'm an American fan of both Red Dwarf and Junkyard Wars, and agree that an American host would be unnecessary.

-- Erin Young (eyoungin1@yahoo.com), March 13, 2001.

So are we saying here that the job for JYW host is up for grabs? I guess if they don't offer it to me it should go to Canadian actor Steve Smith. He's funny and would obviously fit right in with the format of the show. He could even keep his on-screen persona: Red Green. What fun!


-- Chip Haynes (ehaynes@co.pinellas.fl.us), March 15, 2001.

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