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Could I get some helpful info on creating a VCD? I have a Dazzle DVC and NTI-CD Maker Pro. But have no clue what to do. I've tried to make one but it won't play in my home DVD player that support VCDs. It only works in my computer DVD player. Why?


-- Jermaine (, July 12, 2000


FYI...a DVD player that claims to support VCDs does not mean it will support CD-R or CD-RW. Copyright protection is the issue here. There is a big difference between a commercial "PRESSED" VCD versus a typical homemade "CD-R/CD-RW" VCD. It's the material of the disc that will stop the home DVD player from recognizing it. Please look into the manual specification to find out whether or not your home DVD player will support CD-R/CD-RW. If you can not find any thing related to CD-R/CD-RW, then the best bet is your DVD player will not support CD-R/CD-RW! Therefore, this is why it doesn't work.

With that information in mind, I don't know how you played the disc with your computer's DVD drive, so i don't know how i can help you at this moment. For all i know you could have burnt the mpeg with NTI as data to the CD and use window media player to play the mpeg file from the DVD drive. This of course would work fine on the computer, but it would not work with your home DVD player. So please include relevant infos such as type of DVD player and how you played the disc after creating it. This would help quite a bit in analyzing your problem.

-- lnguyen (, July 13, 2000.

I solve this problem, buying a different type of CDR. If you need to create a VCD or audio CD, for use in a DVD player, you need to create in a CDR for music, i use normally the Traxdata for Music, this CDR is used normally for CD recorders. With this CDR i can ear music and wath VCD in my Phillips 705 DVD player.

Yours: Ramon.

-- Ramon Manzano (, July 18, 2000.

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