Squad Transfer?

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Thrax, and squadies now the MA seems to have gone tits up are we going to transfer to the WW2 arena. If sooo.... Axis or Allies? now if we fly allies, and the default colour seems to be green are we still Red Arrows? Thoughts, comments Pigdog OINK! OINK!

-- Mark Roche (L4Spook@aol.com), July 12, 2000


Squad Transfer

I'm for it. WW2A rocks! Preference is for allies. Not to worried about being green, I don't think colours matter as much in the ww2a.

Love Fernsie :-)

-- Dave Ferns (dferns@bigpond.net.au), July 13, 2000.


Does it have EZ mode?


-- Moggy (moggy-@warbirds.com), July 13, 2000.

EZ mode

dont think so mogs - Fernsie

-- Fernsie (dferns@bigpond.net.au), July 14, 2000.

Mmmmm, so I found out.


-- Moggy (moggy-@warbirds.com), July 20, 2000.

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