I was just wondering how u truly feel about your fans grabbing at u when they see u in public. I have some friends that I grew up with that are in a band and they are famous. When they tour near my town I live in now I go see them and hang out with them. Well at some point during the night there are tuns of girls just hanging on them and it just looks like they are just being drug around and they are playing these "AIR GUITAR" for them and slinging their heads around them (that little spastic dance) and I know any minute spit is just gonna fly out of their mouths like the dog off of turner and hooche. So the whole thing just drives me crazy when I see it. I just want to say eventually ur gonna need a neck brace and have to take medication to accept the fact that there is nothing there when u play that "AIR GUITAR". I know they worked hard to get where they are and take a lot of crap untill they reached a certain point but that whole scene would just drive me insane there is no way I would like to be famous and have tuns of people trying to take pieces of me away. It just seems to me it is hard to maintain some consistant sense of who u are. I mean it's nice to have that recognition and be very proud of how far u have come but I hear about the wear and tear on their souls and can see it and feel it when I am there. I mean wouldn't it just be nice if someone ask u a question in public and u could just say hey I don't feel good today I kinda want to be alone without having a big deal made out of it.

-- Elizabeth Arden (, July 11, 2000


that is a good question! Unfortunately, as far as casey is concerned, no one live here by that name.... he never visits this site, so any casey answer will probably be a psycho impersonator. Okay....toodles! dramadearie

-- dramaqueenie (, January 20, 2001.

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