What abot Buck?

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What a hunk what a smitty witty whahoola M'coola ringy fingy cutie patootie! agree?

-- Fee Feena (ifUbelieve@yahoo.com), July 11, 2000


OMG...girl, are ya from the South??? Woo-wee! W/words like that...ya gotta be! (giggle,giggle) Truly...Peter is 100% a Hottie! Hee-haw! He truly floats my boat! W/that o'so tall body of his and that little dittie that he does w/his "kick to the right." Humm...got my ku- bootie in an uproar! Grawwlllll! (giggle,giggle) Chow. M

-- htideREM... (REmmySC@aol.com), July 11, 2000.

Well, I hate to break all this to you, But Peter Buck is married and has 2 Kids named Zelda and Zoe and they're both Twin Girls and they're both 6 years old. And yes, I read all this in my R.E.M. Book I just got in the store last year 1999.

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), July 11, 2000.

yes'm i says that's a'righta i'm in the neck of the south you betcha bootie i'm in Georgia where the rem boys gather and play those tunes where all the wide eyed starry eyed glued eyed for the spotting of at least one of the rem boys swoon.

-- Fee Feena (ifUbelieve@yahoo.com), July 11, 2000.

And happy reading to ya stephanie. No news to me though. But that doen't stop me from admiring a cool cat. and not to worry to the Mrs. i'm not peeping around the bush to pounce on Mr. Buck.

-- Fee Feena (ifUbelieve@yahoo.com), July 11, 2000.

Hey Fee Feena...girl...ya way too much! (giggle,giggle) Truly...ya gotta e-mail me! I luv chatting w/fellow Southern Chica's. Truly, there's somethingie about us..."Rebel Bells" that set us apart from the rest! Girl...e-mail me! ~:) Chow. htideREM...MERedith

-- htideREM... (REmmySC@aol.com), July 12, 2000.

"I'm not saying that you can't Admire Peter Buck because he's married anymore, I'm saying that yes, you can admire Peter Buck, And Meredith , you are the best Girl and friend I've ever met, give me a a Letter sometime, We'll be friends."

-- Stephanie (stephp@hotpop.com), July 12, 2000.

Hummm...is it just me or are thingie's getting o'so WARM in here? Humm...? Woo-wee! Call 911....I'm melting!!! ~:) Golley, Peter sure knows how to drive us chica's WILD!!! Hee-haw! Truly, gotta luv that o'so slender bod of his. Humm, Petter....Patter!!! (giggle,giggle) Golley...I just want ONE groovie dream about that GOD and I'll be good to go for weeks on out! (giggle,giggle, giggle,giggle, giggle,giggle) Chow Chica's!!! M ~:)

-- htideREM... (REmmySC@aol.com), July 12, 2000.

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