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After yesterday's Tour De France stage (where he dropped his rivals on the way up a mountain in a cold rain), Armstrong said,

"You work hard, you train, you plan, and this is how it's supposed to end."

Seems like good advice for OKers preparing for the coming season.

-- Michael (, July 11, 2000


Yeah, but he had a radio in his ear, allowing his coach to tell him when to go hard. O' is still an individual sport.

-- Fritz (, July 12, 2000.

Tomorrow's profile for the 16th stage of the tour looks like it will be very interesting.

-- Snorkel (, July 16, 2000.

More tips for the OK relay teams from Lance (

" [The US Relay Champs is a long way away, it] a long time to keep your focus. It's hard but that's what we work on and what we train for all year long."

"It's absolutely necessary to maintain it. If you let it fall just one day on a day like yesterday or a day like today it's all over. On a day like that you can lose more than 30 minutes."

"I know that the others are gunning for...[relay]...wins, for the overall victory and there are guys with no other ambition but to cause trouble. Knowing that keeps me focused."

-- Michael (, July 18, 2000.

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