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I have friends who I grew up with who are in a band and they are famous. They tour around with metallica all those heavy metal bands anyway I try to go see them and hang out with thm when they tour near my home and there are always girls hanging on them like a couple of inflatable dolls just draging them around and he's playing his "AIR GUITAR" for them and slinging his head around and I know any minute that if those girls don't move spit is gonna fly out of his mouth like hooche (the dog off of turner and hooche)anyway to me he is just a big ass geek who will evently need a neck brace and medication to help him except the fact that there is nothing there when he plays his imaginary guitar for them. But I love them don't get me wrong cause I grew up with them. So my point to all this is how does that kind of attention make u feel and what is ur craziest fan story and the best fan story u have. I guess what I want to know is what made u laugh the hardest and what touched ur heart the most.

-- Morbid sense of humor (shuga@pacbell.net), July 11, 2000


hey i heard that some chick locked herself in his trailer bathroom and he didn't know it until like 10 hours later, but he was nice to the girl anyways. i read it in a magazine...i forgot which one

-- emma (emmachemma@yahoo.com), July 18, 2000.

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