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Not a question. Just about the Very. First, the whole night was a rightous affair. Good time. Thanks to all involved. Dan, who pu this on, sent me this message:

>>We thought you were great, as did many audience members and friends who spoke to us about you later.

There is a 'Deep Heaven' bulletin board on the magnetomotive site that we are encouraging people to take advantage of. We think you should post a message on it with your contact info so people can buy your tape. <<

So, if you're interested in hearing more Very (the second act, solo keyboard stuff), feel free to contact me at

Or, give my radio show at ZBC (90.3) a listen and request it and maybe I'll mix some in.

Thanks, B

tHE dELTA fACTOR wED. 7-10 p wZBC 90.3 fM nEWTON, mA 617-552-4686

-- Brian (, July 10, 2000

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