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Can anyone advise me on what equipment is the best for scanning color slides? When I bought my scanner I was unable to get the one with a color slide adapter (no USB port) and the one I did buy was discontinued as soon as I left the store. :)

I seem to remember reading somewhere that you could buy a scanner specifically for slides and some of my best pictures are in that form.

Any advice would be appreciated, otherwise I'll have a print made and scan from there.

I always enjoy reading the postings from this site.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2000


Hello Mary,

I also started with scanning prints with a normal flatbed scanner. But I turned to a HP Photosmart, which is able to scan slides and negs up to 2400dpi ( no interpolation!!) and prints ( up to 13x18cm) with 300dpi. The quality of these scans is much better than the one from the flatbed scanner. One thing is that you are using the original medium and not the one with some changes to it. When printing these scans on an Epson Photo EX you won't see a difference to a print up to approx. 13x18cm. If you want to scan a number of slides, I would go for a slide/neg scanner. Maybe you will find a used one at eBay or somewhere else.


-- Anonymous, July 18, 2000

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