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In a White House outline of a plan
announced by President Clinton, the
administration said the regional
heating oil reserve was intended to
reduce the risks presented by home
heating oil shortages like the one
that occurred last winter.


-- spider (, July 10, 2000


I notice this report appeared on Yahoo. It only proves to me that Clinton is a Yahoo. Note the urgency of the offer - that this 2 million new barrels of heating oil be delivered to the Northeast by October. Isn't that convenient - just in time for the elections - to avoid a shortage that might swing votes against big Al Gore and Hillary?

But, also note, the reality reflected when it additionally says: Or as soon thereafter as possible.

With all the lead times for bidding, awarding, paperwork, transport, actual processing, and delivery, they'll be lucky to have the first barrels arriving in the Northeast by the end of the year at the very eraliest - too late to save Al and Hillary's hides.

-- Wellesley (, July 10, 2000.

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