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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me of a place that would be able to service my T90. It is in good order and works fine except for the fact that the backlighting for the display does not work, but I would like to get it serviced. What work should I get done as a preventative measure, to keep it from dying as long as possible? It has been suggested that the shutter magnets (or something like that) should be changed. Is this right? Or will a simple clean and lube sort it out?

I am in SW London, so would prefer somewhere reasonable local, but could post it if needed.

Thanks in advance for your help

Ben Hicks

-- Ben Hicks (, July 10, 2000


Ben - I had no problem at all getting my T-90 fixed last year, I managed to obtain quotes from all three of my local camera shops (they were all the same so I guess they all send to the same place). So I guess your local Jessops should be able to arrange a service for you (last year the quotes were about #120). I'm not sure of what exactly you should ask for but a service at least is a very good idea.

Cheers, Mark.

-- Mark Dyson (, July 11, 2000.

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