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I saw REM on a rerun of SNL and Stipe was with Courtney Love. Now I know this was back in December, but what's the deal- are those two an item or just friends?

-- sponge (, July 09, 2000


JUST Friends. Michael has a big heart and he has many....o'so many friends in the music industry and Courtney Love and Michael are exclusively "just friends." They share a huge bond between them w/the fact that they both were effective in a HUGE way by Kurt Cobain death. So rest assure....Michael is not "getting w/Courtney." Nope...Nada...Not. (giggle,giggle) *M's smiling HUGHLY* Chow. EmmySC....htideREM...MERedith...or just M.

-- htideREM (, July 09, 2000.

No,Michael isn't with Courtney Love(fortunately), but he stays with a man,an artist(so he told to the magazine Dazed of this month). That's all i know.

-- (, July 20, 2000.

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