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I mean he's been doing it every time we play the game :)

Anybody object?


-- Anonymous, July 08, 2000


I don't think that keeping score once a week on a trivia game held on IRC is a very good reason for calling someone a MARP staff member... . It would be only a small step to use the same argument for adding everybody who is always there playing all the trivia games staff members as well. And from there, it's only a small step to call all the regulars on IRC's #marp channel MARP staff members as well. Oh, and why don't we call everyone who uploads more than a certain number of games to MARP every week a staff member as well? I'm just saying that I can come up with lots of equally valid arguments that could be used to end up with dozens of "staff members".

I think all this is taking it a bit far, or (looking at it in a different way) it makes the "title" "staff member" mean almost nothing at all.

So that's my opinion. So, yes, I object.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2000

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