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I am using a sort of ortho film, does not see red. I am shooting a scene that includes blue sky and white clouds. Does anybody have a suggestions for filtration that would make those clouds stand out.

Using my usual tri-x I would use a red #25. but I would receive blank image with this film. I have tried my polarizer with some success.

I think I may run a test this afternoon. Four images, no filter, blue filter, yellow filter and green filter.

-- paul schuster (, July 08, 2000


You could possibly try a grey or N.D. grad filter to help bring out the sky. also you may try one of the weirder filters from Lee - e.g. lilac.

-- David Kirk (, July 08, 2000.

Use a yellow or green.

-- William Marderness (, July 08, 2000.

With ortho film which is sensitive to blue light, the sky would be white because of the blue sky. The clouds would fade into nothing. A red filter will cut the blue light so the clouds should stand out. But why are you using this film for your sky/cloud study? Use a red filter with normal film, underexpose by a stop or two more than normal and polarize the sky for a deep black sky and contrasty clouds. James

-- james (, July 09, 2000.

The standard filtration for ortho under those conditions a generation or two ago was a Wratten k1 filter, equivalent to a modern #6

-- John Lehman (, July 10, 2000.

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