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Is the show always filmed in the SAME junkyard in London England? If so, why not consider coming to the USA and filming in some of our infamous "salvage yards" (which is what we call them here with political correctness)? I'm sure you have your insurance reasons, but if this catches on, it could be really big. Teams could travel around from state to state or we could have statewide competitions. Maybe then even a world championship. Hell, let's just make this an Olympic Event!! I can picture it now... The Gold Medal in Junking - Summer Olympics 2012, Baltimore, USA.

-- Skitz VB (ladebckguy@aol.com), July 07, 2000


I would also love to see it as a "sport". Look at it this way, you are getting a free plane ticket and hotel in London, in return for letting them point cameras at you while playing.

Yes, the place is one corner of a real working junkyard. The operators are particularlly skilled at throwing cars with their claw loaders. The scrapyard is however also a "set" with wider than normal paths in places (so the camera isn't in harms way when your ar wailing away with a disk grinder. The lenses apparently cost more than many new cars do). To steal a line from Alices Restaraunt, "One big pile is better than two small ones, and rather than haul theirs up, we threw ours down". Its a lot cheaper to buy plane tickets, than it would be to construct two of the things. (then there are some other significant economic issues. Its a lot easier to insure such an endeavor in the UK. The UK crew is cheaper than a US crew. (and there are more than 50 people "backstage" making it happen, production costs add up)

Yea, I would love to see this as a "sport". But it takes a lot more than just turning a couple of people loose in a pile of scrap.

-dp- Organizer, The NERDS the first US team to compete in the British Scrapheap Challenge series.

-- Jeff (a participant) (dp@the-nerds.org), July 08, 2000.

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