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A few more 'Oddspots' featured in The Age Newspaper, Melbourne...

Friday 7 July
Police had little trouble finding a fingerprint of a thief who broke into a carpenter's workshop in Spain. The thief left behind his finger, which he cut off on a piece of carpentry equipment. Police arrested the suspect at a clinic.

Thursday 6 July
A London housewife, frustrated by her long-running battle to get her washing machine fixed, held a repair man hostage for three hours until she got it replaced. Police were called in to help negotiate the release of the engineer.

Wednesday 5 July
Six saline breast implants worth $A20,000 have been stolen from a hotel conference room in Texas. "I wouldn't even know where to go to sell them," a Grapevine police spokesman said. "I don't believe pawnshops sell them."

Tuesday 4 July
A Liverpool man has been found guilty of illegally keeping rare birds' eggs. Experts found that 1930s dates on the eggs were written with ballpoint and felt-tip pens. Ballpoints were not used until 1945 and felt tips until the 1960s.

Monday 3 July
A Swedish fisherman was surprised when he found his catch contained 18 kilo packs of hashish, worth $A380,000. The Gothenburg man said they fell into his boat as the nets emptied. Police have no clues where the drugs came from.

Sunday 2 July
A man who sneezed continually for 35 years has been cured. Patrick Webster saw more than 60 doctors and went to three hospitals after sneezing hundreds of times a day, but was told they had no idea what was the problem. He is thinking of suing his health authority after discovering from scientists that he is allergic to his breakfast muesli.

Friday 30 June
A rare white rhinoceros has been fitted with a copper necklace and bracelet to ease rheumatism pain. Thelma, 30, has been suffering for a year after an amorous approach to mate by a three-tonne bull rhino at an English safari park.

Thursday 29 June
Fists started to fly after the bride's father introduced his new son-in-law by the wrong first name at the wedding reception at a Holiday Inn in Ohio, in the US. The ensuing scuffle ended with about 10 police officers showing up.

Wednesday 28 June
Briton Tore Fauske says he will win a battle of wills with Einstein the rat, which found its way back to Mr Fauske's home after being caught and released three kilometres away. The rat is ruining Mr Fauske's garden.

Tuesday 27 June
Madrid's Chief Prosecutor, Mariano Fernando Bermejo, has refused to charge scantily dressed prostitutes in a popular Madrid park with indecent exposure because they were "wearing the uniform of their profession".


New Age Rhino anyone?

Regards from OZ

-- Pieter (zaadz@icisp.net.au), July 07, 2000

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