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Help me! I bought a used Schneider Componon S 150mm with a 42mm mount. I got the lens for a great price so the lack of a retaining ring I thought would not be a problem. Now I am having a hard time finding a mounting disc for the Omega turret or even the 42mm retaining ring. Anyone have a mounting solution in the junk drawer they could sell me? Anyone have any resources I should check that I hadn't thought of?

-- Dave Schneider (, July 06, 2000


Its late and my contacts are glued to my corneas, so if I dont make any sense please excuse me. I think Calumet sells retaining rings if thats all you need. I bought one for my 150 Rodagon from them (which is a 49 mm I believe). If not, Harry at Classic Enlargers or midwest photo exhange should have whatever you need.

Phew, that made sense, even if I'm wrong.

Ouch ouch gotta go now


-- Wayne (, July 06, 2000.

I bought a mounting disk from B&H (with 39mm thread) just last week. Cost $69 - ouch!!! Call Omega before you order to get the correct part number. I initially had bought the extended plate only to find out that the retaining ring did not fit!?! Had to return it to B&H for the flat one. Now the lens fits well, but I can't turn the turret anymore since the end protudes too much into it... Good luck!

-- Andreas Carl (, July 07, 2000.

Someone recently gave me the same lens including the D5 plate. I have a D3, so I sold the plate on eBay.

Before you buy a new one, call Terry Seaman. He is the "darkroom guy" at I have bought several components from him, and highly recommend him. He may have what you're looking for used.

-- John H. Henderson (, July 07, 2000.

I have this same lens that I use with a Beseler MXT. I thought I mounted it with a 39 mm retaining ring. If that size could be made to work for you, let me know and I'll give you one. I realize you have an Omega, but it would seem that the diameter of the hole in the lens board would be the same regardless of which brand enlarger the lens is used on. Then again, I've had mine for about five years so maybe I'm just remembering the size wrong.

-- Brian Ellis (, July 09, 2000.

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