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Ok so I was really curious about the fun and fury of your Nekkids rants. I had to go and look. I had to. And what do I get for my troubles?

I see my ex (how do we in polite society say it? Ummmm....) pleasuring himself.

Go ahead and laugh everyone else has. (ok it is a little funny)

This has truely tormented me for days! Days I tell you. It was so unbelievably shocking I didn't even have the common sense to frame grab to use for tormenting material later. Darnital!

So now several days later I am almost able to laugh about it... But Em? It's official you are the leader of dementia.



-- Zoe (, July 06, 2000





I am so jealous!!!!
You should be proud!!
You are officially the first person to recognize someone on the nekkids!!!!!!!!!!

Don't feel shouldn't feel bad at you said...your EX.....!!!
I think it's cool!!!!

-- Em (, July 06, 2000.

If it had been me, I'd have had to call the ex while I watched him pleasure himself and say "what are you wearing" in a sexy whisper. Then I'd be able to watch him blush and squirm right there online when he figured out who it was who was watching him.

-- Bobbi (, July 06, 2000.

You shoulda logged into the chat area!!!! said some stuff to him...stuff only HE would know that would tip him off that it was you!!!!

-- Em (, July 06, 2000.

I waiting for the day that I can run into him on the street. It was sooooooo gross you can't even imagine.

I am glad to hold the honor of the first?

I will admit this here and only here.... I keep checking back to see if he is on again. I want to get proof! How freakin sick is that? My friend S thinks that I should call him and tell him to get his infection checked. That is what is killing me! I would love to but that would be too easy!

Thanks for the support in this most awkward of times! tee hee.


-- Zoe (, July 06, 2000.

That is NOT sick Zoe...what would be sick would be seeing your ex on the nekkids, shrugging like "oh well" and forgetting about it.
Yes! You should be honored...Michelle's been waiting and waiting to see someone she knows up there.....
I would definitely be checkin' back if I were you...and like I said...git in the chat area...just say a little sumthin'.....
It's not sick!

(That's coming from me though, I mean, I devote entry space to those do I know...)...
I still think it's cool!

-- EM (, July 06, 2000.

Man, I'm jealous. Ever since the Webcamnow folks did their site upgrade, I can NOT get to the videos. They just plain won't load. Grrr. Guess my plans of sending Alyoop to the nut house are forever thwarted.

-- Nicole (, July 07, 2000.

I am SO SO SO very jealous! I have been waiting weeks to see somebody I know, and boom, there you go! Oh, I wish I had a little buddah belly to rub for luck like yours!
What would I do in your situation? Send everybody you mutally know to the site, tell everybody you know that you have seen him there. send a link to his mom. Hey, if some nitwit is going to put him/herself up on the internet pleasuring him/herself in front of God and everybody, then, by all means, let EVERYBODY know!
Oh, some people have all the luck!

-- MRene (, July 07, 2000.

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