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What are the rules concerning tools? Do we supply our own? Is there a limitation on what we can bring? Watching the first two episodes on TLC last night, I didn't notice anyone with a decent sized tool chest. Also, no one had any aluminum welding equipment for the aircraft construction segment... a shame because those flights looked dangerous!

-- Jeff Becker (, July 06, 2000


you're welcome to bring your own tools, however we should have what you need - the team doing the aircraft had no tig experience, so no need for alu welders. In the series currently being filmed, aluminium was indeed welded for at least one show. Safety is one of our main priorities on Scrapheap, and we are well aware of the dangers inherent in attempting something as exciting as a home made aircraft programme! In general, contestants bring only things like Leatherman tools or Gerbers as well as favourite calculators / micrometers etc. Bear in mind that it costs quite a lot to airfreight a tool chest, and we're only tv, not the movies...

Best regards,


-- Andy Bell (, July 06, 2000.

They are well equipped with hand held power tools, and the MIG is a real sweet one. (I keep threatening to take it home with me). There is a tool crib hiding in one wall (a short shipping cube) as well as a pile of "by request" tools hiding backstage. (like a lathe and mill, a portable cutting torch rig, etc)

The one tool I really missed was a good set of bolt cutters, there were times I wonund up dragging the sawzall (cordless) out into the pile to cut something that would have been faster/simpler if I had the 4 foot "bike theif special" bolt cutters.

The one "large" tool I brought (and was glad for) was my auto-darkening helmet. We also brought a matched set of 5 meter tape measures, so we wouldn't have the one issued out in the pile when we needed it back in the shop, or the reverse.


The NERDS The first US team to compete in Scrapheap Challenge. (the British series)

-- jeff (a participant) (, July 08, 2000.

The RDF television team are excellent in providing the tools needed for the day. A great part of the fun is making use of the available tools and not having everything too easy. One way or another you will aways managed to reach your goal. The best tools you need for the challenge are:- A good team, a good head and plently of determination ! If you have these then you are already well on your way! Good Luck to you all !

-- Steve G (an entrant in series 3) (, July 13, 2000.

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