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I am considering purchasing the Ebony RW45 for landscapes. The only hesitation is I have never seen one or heard comments from any one who has owned one.

If you own this camera, please tell me what you think of it and how it compares to other cameras you may have used. Also, if there are any RW45 owners in the San Jose, Ca. area that would like to show me their camera, I would love to see it!

If you don't own this camera but have seen it, I would like to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

-- Nicholas Fiduccia (, July 06, 2000



I too live in the San Francisco bay area and was not able to actually touch an Ebony when I was considering 4x5 choices.

Here's a thought though. Badger Graphic ( is an importer of the Ebony line. They might be able to put you in contact with an owner in the area (assuming one exists). In any case, should you decide to purchase one, Badger is a great company to do business with - decent prices and excellent friendly service.

Also, I believe there are a couple of gentleman in the UK that have the SW45 who may be able to offer some general comments. A search should reveal their email addresses. I think there was a review of the Ebony 8x10 by Nathan Congdon. I know these aren't the RW45 model, but you might be able to get an idea of the general fit and finish, feel, satisfaction level, e

-- Brad Evans (, July 06, 2000.

Have a look at my review of the Ebony on this forum, and drop me an email any time with further questions. I'll be out of town until Monday 7/10.

Ebony makes wonderful cameras!


-- Nathan Congdon (, July 06, 2000.

I am considering getting an RW45 myself. Did you ever end up getting one?

-- matthew cordery (, November 30, 2000.

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