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If it makes you feel any better the exact same thing happened to my hubby on Monday night. We live not far from you, maybe there is some awful stomach virus going around. He waited because it has literally been 6 years since he last threw up, and he just thought it would pass. On the plus side we had new carpeting installed today, so the evidence, as they say, is history.

On a completely different topic, did you know your journal was featured on I have been reading for some time, but I thought it was interesting and wondered if you knew.

Best, A.

-- (, July 05, 2000


hi I don't have an answer, But my husband got the same thing but from me... I got it on Saturday a couple hours after having Egg Salad. I thought te egg Salad was bad, I guess I was wrong... He got it worst then me. he threw up bad. I didn't.. I want to know why I didn't.. It all started with not having pains in my stomach. Later that day I slept for a while. Then I woke up naseuaes But I drank alot of water and it help it. I wonder if water has alot to do with it... I will tell you this I didn't eat until sunday night..

Thank You Robin. Please write back

-- Robin Mitchell (, July 30, 2002.

Hi, yes I was looking for some answers on this horrible stomach virus going around. On Christmas Day iwas deathy ill, Icould not even get out of bed, now two days later my husband has it how can i help him? Thanks,Amber

-- Amber Szasz (, December 27, 2002.

Chritmas eve one of my employee's father in law returned from atrip to oregon that night he got sick. friday paul (my employee) and i did some service calls togeather by sat. night we were both sick . at 1 oclock this morning ( new years eve) my little twenty two month old baby casey got sick. i have 2 more kids (4 & 5) and a wife to go my wife went nuts cleaning and lysoling ect after i got sick to no avail .seems theres no escape . thank god it's not fatal! incubation period seems to be 36 -48 hrs. it's gonna be a rough week GOOD LUCK !

-- john lapham (, December 31, 2002.

I also got this horrible virus. The best thing to do is go to the doctor and get treated ASAP. This is my third day and I'm getting better but not 100%. Make sure you drink a lot of fluids, maybe even pedialite becasue it has electrolytes and vitamins.

Good luck to anyone who gets this.

-- Sean Convery (, January 02, 2003.

I started with upper stomach pains on Sunday, 12/29. Then the nausea, bloating and headaches came. I did not vomit, but I thought I was about to several times throughout this week. I am just feeling better today, 1/3/03, although still not 100%. I've been drinking green tea. I think the only thing that helps is fluids, rest and time...tic-toc- tic-toc....

-- Jackie (, January 03, 2003.

I got some bug like this on New years Day-thought it was a hangover but it seems to have gotten worse. I was really sick yesterday. No vomiting today but feel like I want to. My stomach is making alot of noise and am feeling a little feverish. I am having a hard time drinking fluids, taking a few ice pops though. Feel better everyone! :)

-- KJ (, January 03, 2003.

Hi, Several of my colleagues have gotten the awful stomach virus. I haven't got it yet but just in case I have ginger ale in the fridge. I read in "prevention" that if you take Charcoal Tablets it can help. I guess the charcoal lierally absorbs the virus. It's worth a try.

-- Marcia Atkins (, January 03, 2003.

No way to avoid it- a virus is a virus is a virus- When it starts in one member, it shows no mercy until it burns out and cannot infect anyone else. The predictability is very scary , yet somehow eerie. There is nothing worse than that imminent feeling that there is no better place than to lie protectively on the cold bathroom floor, simply at the mercy of the next wave of FUN! Best of Luck with the onslaught of the pathogen- one way to look at it is- it is a day off of work with cold gingerale!

-- sharons (, January 16, 2003.

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