Who's your "virtual twin"?

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Do you know someone that is startlingly like you? Someone that is different enough be unique, yet shares so many commonalities that it's just plain weird?

-- Jenna (jenna@jennasite.com), July 05, 2000


Yes, I do know someone who is a LOT like me. He is male, and he is five years older than me (he's 19, I'm 14). First of all, he has the name I would have had if I was borm male (Terrence), and both our names begin with the same letter. We have alike middle names (His is Alexander, mine is Alexandria). Our parent's names are very close (Terry and Loretha, Terry and Loretta), our mothers have the same maiden names (Jones), and our grandfathers Both were born, and DIED on the same day ( Born october 27 (not the same year)-Died october 24.) Now if you think all of THAT is strange, to top it all off, we were born on the same day, within the same HOUR! I cannot begin to list the unusual commonalities that we share (like for example, we can distinguish different numbers being pressed on the telephone when we hear them, and we have never taken piano lessons in our life, but we can play any song that we hear. If you would like to know more about my "twin" and I, please e-mail me. P.S. do you know anybody like that?

-- Tia (stunna@visto.com), November 11, 2000.

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