Unfortunate turn of events

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Due to financial circumstances I find that i must close my WB account {for the time being}.Though I never made it to a squad meet or had much input to the ARROWS I felt a part of the team. I hope to open my account in the near future,depending on how work goes and the bankruptcy,that I am currently in turns out. You guys were very helpful to a newbie in WB and always a joy to fly with.I'll be watching the the BBS {and AGW}and saying my piece now and then{tho thus far it's been sparse}. Congrats Fernsy ,all the best with your nuptuals{spelling:-} I also am tyeing the knot with my women of 9 years on july 29, this must be the year of the nuptuals{again spelling:-}}. Anyhow,thanx Thrax for taking me in from the cold and thanx again ==RED ARROWS====> for all your support {salute} hope to be fliing with you in the new age of WBIII{IHope anyway}:-}}} Y'all be kool!! Dukers

-- Dukers (dgrabinsky@home.com), July 05, 2000



Dukers, tried to e-mail ya a few times. Ya mail keeps getting returned. What's the correct address?



-- Thrax (DemUK@aol.com), July 07, 2000.

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