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You folks were great with my first question, so I have a second. I've downloaded the AE1-P manual, but can find no explanation for the "exposure preview" button. It's separate from the depth of field preview, and seems to show no new information in the viewfinder. What does it do?


-- Mike Bechtold (, July 04, 2000


It does the same thing as depressing the shutter release half way.

-- Terry Carraway (, July 05, 2000.

whats up???? my girlfriend just gave me a caonnon ae-1 P for a gift. i think i got it all figured out but i would love to have a manual for it. if you could help out it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

-- chris robb (, December 23, 2000.

There are online manuals available.

For a real manual try Craig Camera ( He sells lots of manuals.

For a copy of the manual, try Canon or Manuals2Go (he does a lots of manuals business on eBay, I forget the email address).

-- Terry Carraway (, December 24, 2000.


If I'm not too late here, I had the same dilema and just called Canon and asked for a manual. They charged me $7.00 for a photo copied manual and I received in about 2 weeks. Sorry I don't have the number, but I think I found it on their website.

-- jwoodson (, April 05, 2001.

Try rollingerīs page at: This guy is just great!! Regards from Venezuela

-- Juanca (, April 25, 2001.

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