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Really getting to like my 5x7 back on my Kodak Masterview and am considering a move into a 5x7 only camera. The Canham MQC57 is one that comes to mind as a potential. Any comments on the camera along the lines of functionality as far as focusing and locking it down with wide angle lenses and longer ones would be appreciated. Obviously, coming from an 8x10 Masterview, the solid feeling and rigidity are well appreciated. I found one locally and plan on looking at it this week, but felt that some recommendations and evaulations from current users would assist me in the evaluation process. Any other metal 5x7 cameras I should consider? Many thanks to all.

-- Michael Kadillak (, July 04, 2000


Don't overlook the wood and metal 5x7 Canham. Should you ever care to, you can use a 4x5 reducer back or a 4x10 panoramic back. njb

-- Nacio Brown (, July 05, 2000.

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