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Driving around recently in my new area (Augusta, GA), I happened to pass a billboard advertising one of the two restaurants (can't remember which...) that seemed to bear a character drawn very much in Chung's style. It looks like a Rally's employee handing out a take-out bag, and the layout of the design somewhat reminds me of something one might see on some stylish propoganda poster of the art-deco era. It instantly struck me as something that Chung might have done, considering his involvement with the advertising campaign. Anyone else seen these? Can anyone confirm my suspicions?

P.S. I apologize if this post is misplaced... I didn't immediately see any other post where this ad campaign was being discussed. I hate to add to the already enormous topic list...

-- Matthew Rebholz (, July 03, 2000


Unfortunately, I noticed yesterday that the picture I suspect was done by Chung was replaced by a photo of a basket of chicken strips. Now, that's a metaphor :)

-- Matthew Rebholz (, July 27, 2000.

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