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Cuz i really wanna do it but i'm sorta shy. if ya going what city will ya be in? thanx so much


-- andrea (, July 03, 2000


believe me, if I wasn't on the other side of the Atlantic, I'd be there like a shot.

-- Jon Kinsey (, July 08, 2000.

Nope. Can't. Ya see, this chickie-monkie just so happens to live in SC where VH-1 is not having this "looking for R.E.M. Fans" thingie. Truly, this is crappie crap! Like truly, why aren't they looking for R.E.M. fans down South? Golley like, R.E.M. is a Southern Band and ya would have thought that VH-1 would be hitting the southern part of the states for such fans. Erk. I smell a conspiracy! (giggle,giggle) Chow. M

-- htideREM... (, July 08, 2000.

I'd do it except I'm afraid that what I'd say would be all chopped up, you know edited to sound different than what is meant! You know VH1 has a reputation of doing a final editing without informing the person that's being edited. So it would end up like me sounding like a f'ing fool. Well that's what I think. I 'd rather lay low and watch it happen to other people.

-- sponge (, July 09, 2000.

Sponge....NoooooO..DON'T be like that!!! Golley, I would give my right arm to participate in this but they're not coming to my neck of the woods (SC)...ERK!!! DON'T let VH-1 stop ya. Ya get ya bootie to one of those locations and DO IT!!! Truly, if ya luv R.E.M., as I know ya do...well, ya gotta DO IT! Truly, do it for Michael, Peter, Mike, & Mr. Bill AND us fans! I know 2 other R.E.M. fans living in Chicago and Ohio that are participating in this. O'please Sponge...JUST DO IT!!!! PLEASE!!! *M's holding her breath* Chow. M

-- EmmySC...htideREM...MERedith...or just M. (, July 09, 2000.

Ok. so mabey it's not just about VH1 hacking my's also like Andrea says...being too shy. So mabey somehow I'll work up the courage to get myself in front of the camera and say some really cool stuff about REM. I'll probably hafta getted juiced to do it if ya know what I mean!

-- sponge (, July 09, 2000.

(giggle,giggle) *M's roll'n her eyes*

Chow. M

-- htideREM (, July 10, 2000.

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