need name and address of guy in calif. who converts old kodak medalists from 620 film to 120 film. : LUSENET : Large format photography : One Thread

I need the name and address of the guy in california who converts old Kodak medalists camers from 620 size film to 120 size film.

-- john j. myers (, July 03, 2000


His name is Ken Ruth and lives near Davenport California just north of Santa Cruz. His company is Photography on Bald Mountain and he has advertised in Shutterbug for years in the ServiceDirectory section. Give him a call during the specified hours...he's a great guy and a good talker as well as a fine craftsman. Phone # 1-831-423- 4465, address: 113 Bald Mountain, Davenport CA 95017, phone Wed & Thurs 9-5 & Fri 9-noon.

-- Todd Frederick (, July 03, 2000.

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