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This is my first time using a roll film holder, a Wista 6x7. It cost me a roll to realize that I need to wind two times to advance a frame. I was wondering why the counter only goes half a step each winding. Since I've seen a couple unfavorable comments on wista holder at this forum, I thought the counter might be inaccurate. Then I was amazed--I can shot 20 frames on 120?! Well, you know the result.

-- Aaron Rocky (, July 03, 2000


This is also true of the Horseman and Sinar holders; two winds per frame. Still at least you didn't leave the darkslide in or forget to wind the film!

-- Ellis Vener (, July 03, 2000.

Standard mistake number one for virtually anyone who has used a RF Leica is to discover, about the 50th frame, that the film was never attached to the take up spool. That's when you learn to always watch for the take-up knob to turn backwards with every advance.

-- Bill Mitchell (, July 03, 2000.

Aaron, I had used one for years without problem (6x9) and had a end of the year picture to make from the stuff where I work. In the hassle of having everything right, and switching from my Pentax 6x7, you guess what... Fortunately I had some spares from the Pentax.

-- Paul Schilliger (, July 03, 2000.

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