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I live in north central Idaho, and am firmly convinced everything is NOT okay. If it was, why is our government/military spending billions of dollars manning stratafortress fighters flying grids 24/7 since late last year? Is NORAD and SACS in that bad a shape with Y2K/solar flares, whatever, that we need planes in the air protecting our borders? Or is something else going on? The grid-flying is not the only extracurricular plane activity going on-Black Hawks, Hueys, Hercules and other transport type planes. Does anybody have a clue why?

-- Marsha Faires (marsha@camasnet.com), July 03, 2000


No clues. Just angst and vague hunches.


-- (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), July 03, 2000.

It sounds much like a bad communications breakdown has occurred along the Northern periphery of our country.

-- Uncle Fred (dogboy45@bigfoot.com), July 03, 2000.

Sounds more than just a telecommuications breakdown along the Northern border.

I hope this is not symptomatic of similar breakdowns elsewhere.

-- Billiver (billiver@aol.com), July 03, 2000.

If the aircraft are flying that constantly they are obviously "filling a gap" of some kind. What else could it be but a failure of the early warning system?

In such case, substitution would be absolutely necessary.

-- JackW (jpayne@webtv.com), July 03, 2000.

They are doing it to the extent that when you look up there are as many as eight planes in the air that you can see, some flying north/south grids and some flying east/west grids. If you live in the city you don't see/hear them, for obvious reasons. Out here in the wide open, it is intense, along with the constant drone of planes all day long. The only thing lacking is the air raid siren. I have been here for 25 years, and it has never been like this. When this first started late summer/early fall (prelude to the August GPS scare and the Oct 1 fiscal turnover) someone told me that NORAD and SAC were having a hard time staying up and working, lots of glitches. That may be partially true, but we as taxpayers are paying for all those planes in the air, and I for one would like to know. Yes maybe it is a matter of national security, but since last summer?

-- Marsha Faires (marsha@camasnet.com), July 03, 2000.

The presence of "glitches" and infrastructure problems are being well documented, and these events are broad in scope: inclusive of military,industrial and civilian economic bases. The problem with military systems resides in the fact that error can produce massive, widespread and irrevocable destruction on a physical basis- *not*politically correct and difficult to spin. If there is a concern over possible NORAD malfunction-and that is certainly reasonable-then on site monitoring will be a categorical necessity. Also, it is prudent to evaluate events that have been categorized as environmental-the WA burnings, Los Alamos, Chernobyl-as having instituted environmental changes affecting IT performance: radioactive releases affect electromagnetic performace:end of story. Interesting post. Like to see responses from other parts of the Country because I doubt that this is an isolated phenomenon.

-- mike (mmorris67@hotmail.com), July 03, 2000.

Those planes use alot of fuel as well. Maybe that is what is really behind the "shortages" and skyrocketing prices.

-- K (infosurf@yahoo.com), July 03, 2000.

I really am infuriated by the lack of information coming to the American public. They think we are sheep, they think we are stupid. They withhold information and only dole it out on a "need to know" basis. The American people are not being "allowed" to know about whatever "threat" or situation is going on cause we might panic, right? And then they would really have a situation on their hands. If something is in the wings, it is better for us to be in the dark until it happens, so we don't panic, so we don't make it worse, so we can't be prepared. The needs of the many outway the needs of the few. At least if we knew what was going on, we would not be shocked if something came down, never mind getting physically prepared. Why gee, we might actually have a chance, if we knew about the problem. Am I that naive to believe that information kills, in this great country of ours! Have we been reduced to a bunch of sheep? Or are our political leaders or whoever's pulling the strings just trying to reduce us to mindless sheep because they're more expendable with less guilt attached, if you can think of it that way. When something major happens, it's easier to deal with if we are animals rather than human beings like themselves.

-- Marsha Faires (marsha@camasnet.com), July 04, 2000.

Put this together with the recent grounding of one-third of our 600-plane air refueling fleet for stabilizer problems and you've just got to wonder about what is really going on behind the scenes.

-- Loner (loner@bigfoot.com), July 04, 2000.

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