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Did Okonkwo's gun explode and kill Ezeudu's 16 year old son, because Okonkwo didn't listen to Ezeuda and he did take part in Ikemefuna's death? Was this a way of the God's to punish Okonkwo for killing Ikemfuna?

Why did the women never eat meals with the men? Why did women never eat kola

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2000


I think if you look at the book as a whole, all the bad that happened to Okonkwo began after he took part in Ikemefuna's death. I think the author was showing that as a turning point, not only for the bad of the gun going off, but for how Okonkwo's life was going to be from there on out. He was warned yet tried to show strength because he was afraid to be weak and this fear broke him from there on out. Whether that was because of the will of the gods or not, I don't think the author intends us to know for sure.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2000

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