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right then. i know everyone gets depressed now and then, maybe because of the weather, maybe because of certain anniversaries of times (i know the anniversary of my splitting up with my ex isnt a good day for me) but what does everyone do when theyre down? eat ice cream? exercise? pace mindlessly while turning problems over in yr mind? what?

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2000


When I'm depressed I spend alot more time on the computer (but how would you tell, right?) I do eat more and I am just difficult to be around. I don't get depressed too often but when I do, watch out. It's not pretty. *laughs* I wish I excersised when I got depressed. Maybe I'd be skinny!!

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2000

Okay, I may as well answer this one.
It depends on how depressed I am. I've been depressed enough that I've gone into a weird kind of shock when all I want to do is sleep a lot and not much else but if it's just a slight case of the blues, I like to whine alot, drink cheap whine...oops, I meant wine and spend time on the computer looking at really bad websites.
No! None of your sites are included in that category!

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2000

I'll assume you are looking for actual helpful information, so I won't tell you to scratch your skin until the pain outside is more than the pain inside, making you feel strangely better (I have almost never claimed to be a healthy personality).

Regardless, when I am depressed, I tend to go driving, with a goal of ending up somewhere like Walmart or such, and then buy cheap toys or office supplies. This is usually good, because most of my depression occurs late at night when I rightly should be asleep. Let's see, I've found that coloring in coloring books and making the people odd colors is kind of helpful. I also make fun of infomercials (but you don't have to be depressed to do that). I also like talking to myself in a childlike voice and talk to furniture as if it can answer, especially when I bump into it. For the most part, I end up sitting feeling icky until I don't feel icky, or fall asleep.

When it's just the "kind of ickies", and daylight, I walk down the street to this park with a small lake like thing and watch the ducks. Right now there are a bunch of fuzzy yellow ducklings ("the yellow duck-ducks") and so I play a game called "how close can I get to the yellow duck-ducks without the mommy duck-duck freaking out and taking them across the pond?"

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2000

Sarah, you sound like me. But that tends only to help depression that's severe, clinical, lasting depression, not the regular occassional blues. Of course, it doesn't exactly help in the normal sense of the word.

I can't answer this topic very sensibly because when I'm depressed, all I can do is hang on and try to stay alive.

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2000

I went into clinical depression in February 1987, a suicide attemmpt followed of which I have no memory. After a stay in a Psychiatric institution where the proper medication and dosage began to be established I came out and have stayed on my meds. A time or two I tried to wean myself -- I don't recommend it however. I soon saw the signs of the descent and promptly went back on the meds. I do enjoy life and have fun and pleasure.

-- Anonymous, September 03, 2000

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