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Write about babies. Love them? Hate them? Want one? Have one? Trying to sell one? Just kidding. ;)

-- Piper (, July 02, 2000


I love babies, i just watch them and grin everytime. :) They are so innocent and fascinated by life.

-- l (, July 02, 2000.

I've got three kids -- and, of course, they all started out as babies. With each of them, I was aware of them as unique beings even before they were born and I was so delighted and ecstatic and overwhelmed with love when they were born and I was able to hold them and help care for them. Babies are wonderful. Yes, there is such a thing as sleep deprivation; parents get to spend a lot of time walking around in the middle of the night. Yes, there are diapers to be changed and spit-up milk on your shirts and toys to pick up and wash and endless mounds of laundry and... but before you know it those little babies are learning to crawl and then to walk and talk and they become magical toddlers... I loved having little babies and toddlers and little kids and... well, my babies are now 15, 18 and 31 years old (and the eldest just announced his engagement last week)

And you know what... I miss having a baby around the house... if it were not for age (I'm 57 and my wife is 45) and worry about trying to keep up with a teenager when I'm in my 70's (oh, yeah, and also there's the vasectomy I had back in '86) I'd really love to have another baby...


-- Jim (, July 02, 2000.

By the time the last of our children got married and moved out, we already had grandchildren, then our kids found out what caused them and quit having them.

But by then we were cosseting and cuddling our great great grand children.

We had five, and although it was a tight squeeze bringing them up - - - if I had it to do all over again - - - I would go for five again. We number among the guilty ones who contributed to this crowded world, but we trained them into the ways of rectitude and and generosity. We are happy.

Back to babies - - - I so longed to be a father, wanting to have the responsibility for jointly having and raising my (and her) children. Those beloved entities, soft and cuddly, requiring all your love, attention and care. Those who are in the process of becoming a communicative personality, who are put on the path of mental growth to being their own person, moving in the direction they wish and becoming fine people dispite the mistakes we made along the way.

Babies, I love them all and can imagine how deeply a woman longs for that nine month passenger. Babies & mothers - - - an inseperable combination. I vote for them, mothers and babies.

Jeepers, I turn all melty and squishy at the thought of them, and thank God my boys feel the same way about babies. My daughters - - - are you kidding ? Watching the youngest one when she became pregnant on through having her babies, deeply bonding with each of the two and showing her love by the physical hugging and communication with them as they grew and are still growing has been a wonderous thing for me. With the other four, I was too busy working for a living to be able to follow the birthing and raising of their kids as I am with the last two who came after my retirement . . . . knowing though that our kids all did the same with their kids as the grown kids demonstrate the care and training given them by their parents.

The whole village helps raise a child, only in my humble opinion, if the child's parents do what they should do along the way - - - - and even then that is no guarantee of success.

-- Denver doug (, July 03, 2000.

I think babies are great for dinner. Their meat is nice and tender, and with the right spices can be turned into something delicious! If anybody cares for some recepies I will be glad to send some to you!

(I guess you got my point by now... Don't do it. You'll be sacrificing your whole life to them.)

-- Someone Passing By... (, July 04, 2000.

To Someone Passing By: You of course are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

The thought occurs though, if some people had not sacrificed some time ago you and I would not be here.

I think maybe yours was a tongue in cheek comment which hid your true feelings.

-- Denver doug (, July 04, 2000.

I don't see it as a sacrifice. I don't know what I'd do with my life if I weren't raising children. I think I'd get bored. Kids can be a pain, I know that. I am one at times. But they can also be the most wonderful aspects of a person's life.

I'm not criticizing your opinion. Just sharing my counterpoint.

-- Piper (piperdane@, July 05, 2000.

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