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My Husband has a car on a 3year lease hire with Motability, and because of a change in his medical condition, wants to give it back. Motability say that they will terminate the agreement in exceptional circumstances, but what counts as an 'exceptional circumstance'?

Can you help?

-- (, July 02, 2000


Don't know if this helps, but my mother had a car under the scheme, she gave the car back, she explained that she could no longer afford the payments - and as she wasn't the driver - the car was never used.Motability have apparently banned her from getting a car for 1 year from the date she gave the car back!

-- mick beattiie (, November 06, 2001.

Motability cars are not normally returnable within the hire agreement time. however at their discretion they can accept a car back before the contract ends. this is usually done on medical grounds. foreinstance a change in medicalcircumstances which affects the hirers ability to use the car. that is they are no longer able to get in or out of the vehicle, you need to write to motability explaining why the car is no longer suitable on medical grounds. you will probably need a GP letter as well.

-- malcolm foster (, March 07, 2002.

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